Why 威斯尼斯人app下载安装?


Why 威斯尼斯人app下载安装?

Because We're Expert Cabinet Makers

As a cabinet manufacturer, we know every project is different. That’s why we offer expertise for every level of consumer - from start to finish.

Whether you're a seasoned do-it-yourselfer or hiring a professional installation crew, selecting cabinetry products for your home is easy when you work with the expert cabinet makers at 威斯尼斯人app下载安装. With our help, you won't just pick cabinetry options; you'll make thoughtful choices and understand why your cabinet selections will work for your life.

  • About Us

    About 威斯尼斯人app下载安装

    As one of the largest cabinet manufacturers in North America, we're experts at listening to the desires of families to ensure that our cabinetry products meet their needs. Whether moving into a new home or improving their current one, our customers want to create their ideal living spaces – and it's our goal to help them.

    That's why our brands offer both quality and versatility, fair prices, and are backed by extensive networks of cabinet dealers and manufacturers, and why we honor every promise we make.

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  • What We Stand For

    What We Stand For

    We've built our reputation as one of the best cabinet makers around by committing ourselves to four service basics: safe and clean workplace, quality construction, fashionable products, and complete, on-time delivery. To make these basics tangible for both cabinet dealers and consumers, 威斯尼斯人app下载安装 participates in the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) stringent Performance & Construction Standard for kitchen and vanity cabinets. Tests conducted by an independent laboratory measure structural integrity, as well as drawer, door and finish durability. Cabinets that bear the KCMA Certification seal are recognized in the marketplace as superior products, capable of withstanding typical household use better and longer.

  • Our Brand Portfolio

    Our Cabinet Brand Portfolio

    As cabinet makers, we offer a spectrum of products ranging from standard to custom, satisfying every budget and lifestyle. Each cabinetry line in our family of brands provides the same great service, product innovation and quality that 威斯尼斯人app下载安装 is known for – assuring your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

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  • Our Dealer Network

    Our Network of Cabinet Dealers

    Only authorized cabinet dealers can sell our products to consumers. Why? Because we believe our cabinet dealers provide invaluable services that can safeguard your project. They measure your space, assist with cabinet design, order the products and arrange for installation. Our cabinet dealers also stand behind the product, addressing any challenges that may arise. We believe that this degree of attentiveness can only be accomplished at a local level, and not from a central corporate office.

    威斯尼斯人app下载安装 offers a network of cabinet dealers across North America. To find a dealer nearest you, use our Dealer Locator.

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  • Committed to Sustainability

    Committed to Sustainability

    At 威斯尼斯人app下载安装, we're at the forefront of cabinet manufacturers that are doing their part to ensure a better tomorrow. Through community outreach programs and green practices, we work to ensure that the crafting of our home cabinets has as little environmental impact as possible.

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